[These 35 Games] Karuba

Got your bag packed? Is your canteen full of water? Your compass pointing north?  Do you like puzzle-ish things? Well if you said yes to only the last one, I can help you out. Though it is always good to have water so I’ll take a swig if you are offering…

Explore the jungle with me…


Karuba is an interesting game. It starts off like BINGO and then it becomes a puzzle. Everyone places the same piece on the board but where you put it matters the most. Because of this mechanic, many people can play at once and we even did one while recording an episode of I Can Deal. The thought of being able to play with other people and not being in the same room seems pretty neat to me. You might not be able to get trophies but you could compare scores and even repeat the game to get the best outcome.

Some may complain that there isn’t player interaction, there really isn’t, but you do look at your neighbor’s board to see if they are about to grab a certain temple before you or not. In some cases this is better since a lot of interactions can be “take that’s” which can be quite the turn off for some. That balance can be a tough one.

I like the spatial awareness of this game. You are trying to put the pieces anywhere and everywhere to make a good path for your adventurers. I’ve only seen one game of someone getting all four to their destinations but that just means I have to strive harder to do it myself.

Karuba is lovely, little game, whatever path you go down.


2-4 players
10-15 minutes

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