[These 35 Games] Battle Sheep

You show up for the cutesy & cuddly and then get blindsided by the mean! There’s no weapons, armor, vehicles, war paint, or any other fighting paraphernalia and that might turn some people off, but this game has it where it counts if you want to be mean to a friend, loved one, or stanger.

Time to battle!


Battle Sheep has such great components, lovely insert, and a different faced sheep on each team’s disks. And then you get to the gameplay. The developers pride themselves on how easy to play and the instructions are even on the back of the box. Move one or more sheep in straight lines, have to leave one behind at lease and try to spread out to take the most space up. Simple, right?

Well, you build the board every time you play. Each player has 4 tiles with 4 spaces on them and puts them down one at a time. Will they create land bridges? Will it be one open blob? Will it be a straight line? It is only after the board is finished and you pick your starting location that you discover the true spirit of the game.

Are you the type of sheep to cut off your neighbors 10+ stack of sheep to two spaces because they weren’t paying attention effectively ruining any chance of scoring? That’s what you have to ask yourself.  It can be quite the brutal game to those not paying attention and depending on the set up.

It could be in a slightly smaller box since there are not many components and small instructions but this way the game can have an allure about what’s in this cutesy box before you trap all their sheep in the corner as you spread your flock across the lands.

Victory is simply, in your hands.

Battle Sheep
Blue Orange
2-4 players
10-30 minutes

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