[These 35 Games] Lords of Xidit

Travel the lands, meet the people, take the people, feed them to monsters, until they..go…away? That can’t be right, can it? That’s how it always seemed to me and makes it a tiny but more fun to think of it in a silly way like that.

To Xidit we go!


Lords of Xidit is a programming game where you go to different locations, gather different type of people as a resource, and use them to defeat monsters to earn a variety of points. Will people be there by the time you arrive? No lord knows. But it is fun to find out!

A really interesting aspect about this game is the scoring. It isn’t the standard whoever has the most points or most gold wins. There are three different scoring tracks and before each game you randomly decide which is the first, second, and third. Depending on the number of players you have, you either knock off the lowest or two lowest from the first group, the lowest from the second group, and whoever has the highest from the remaining in the third group wins. You could have the most gold, but if you don’t have any bards singing your praises and that is the first deciding factor, your gold is worthless.

This method of scoring definitely adds consideration to what type of rewards you want from feeding monsters farmers. It can be hard to tell how much everyone else has of a particular reward, especially with the central castle that hides how many tokens are in it. They even break up the game with two moments that allows players to decide how much of their people resources they’d like to share in order to get some rewards. You can hide some to mask your future plans or show it in hopes you have the most of that type of resource and get a nice reward.

Like other programming games, there can be frustration with the actions but that is part of the charm in my mind. Things won’t always go perfectly and you have to roll with Idrakys when they take you to be monster food. What, that doesn’t happen to you on a regular basis?

Lords of Xidit
3-5 Players
60-120 minutes

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