[These 35 Games] Space Park

Time to enjoy the galaxy! At least the locations that we have established settlements. I mean, let’s not get too crazy here. Yep, here is a game you haven’t heard me gush about yet. No better time than the present…

To the galaxy!


Space Park is a lovely little game recently arrived on my doorstep. It’s what I like to call a reverse-worker placement…in a manner of speaking. See what makes this game different besides the groovy art aesthetic and cool rockets is how you use the cool rockets. Most worker placement games, you place a piece down to reap a reward. In this game, you claim a reward from a space and then you move the piece. Also, everyone shares the same rockets so there is unpredictability with where the rockets will be when your turn comes back around.

Don’t worry, they let you mitigate the randomness with collectable tokens that let’s you move the rockets before you choose your destination. Also, there are only 7 locations with a randomized order each game so they can’t get too far out of grasp. This allows you to be more strategic about your moves and try to plan some well placed actions.

With the object of the game being to get 20 XP, you will need all the help you can get to navigate around the board to pick up resources to use to buy badges, your main source of XP as well as possible passive potential power. There is even a location that you can go to to acquire a little robot, scout buddy who can earn your extra goodies as long as you have the controller.

Solo mode of this game has you competing against said scout. I need to play a bit more to see how it really stacks up but so far I enjoy it. The AI plays differently than a normal player but your gameplay remains the same. It still seems quite doable and not as harsh as some other games.

Space Park is a neat little game that is light enough with some deep potential to plan on some good moves.

Space Park
Keymaster Games
3-4 Players
30 minutes

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