[These 35 Games] Good Cop Bad Cop

This is probably the first game that really struck gold with any group I had. Sure, King of Tokyo and Tsuro were fun.  Battlestar Galactica and Catan were talked about. But nothing kept people coming back for more like this one did when it came out.

Let’s go to the interrogation room…


Oh the amount of times this game was brought to the table. I still have the original, first edition, small deck of cards. It remains to this day my favorite because how it is so compact but plays 8 players with depth to it.

Avalon/Resistance never really grabbed me so this was the big social deduction/bluffing game for me. Ridiculous theme but easy to play and set up. The first allure of bluffing and not knowing who someone is in such an interactive way is enthralling. Throw in equipment cards to last minute save or doom the Agent or Kingpin and you are on the edge of your seat.

There is a down side of player elimination but rarely did that happen early on, except when playing with certain people. But they’d normally target me, the teacher of the game, and wasn’t as big of a deal.

There were two expansions along with a reprint that gave it a bigger box. It fixed up some of the equipment cards and added a lot more rules. While they are okay I found they can often be a burden and bring down the core experience of the game. That is mainly why I travel with the first edition since it has the core goodness that you want from the game.

Easy game to teach those who never played with depth who like meaty games.

Good Cop Bad Cop
OverWorld Games
4-8 players
20-40 minutes

2 thoughts on “[These 35 Games] Good Cop Bad Cop”

  1. Thanks for this review! Lately we departed from the base Good Cop Bad Cop world a bit with some re-themes of it, but now we’re working on a 3rd edition and 3rd expansion for the base game that I think you’ll dig.


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