[These 35 Games] Tortuga 1667

Time for the next game. It is another one I have chatted about. I swear, some of these will be ones I haven’t already gushed about it. Though, it only makes sense that these great games I go back to are ones that I have raved about.

Anyways, time to walk the plank…


First off, it is really hard to do a box/title screen shot for Tortuga 1667 since it just comes in a book. Don’t get me wrong, it is a really flippin’ sweet book case with magnetic closure but still, it makes it a bit hard to show off. Or does it…

Regardless, this game skyrocketed up there with one of my most played games (like Antidote before it). It could be quicker but it is easy to learn and there is a lot of deduction based solely on people’s actions. Little to do but a lot to unpack and the game plays differently depending on how many players are in it.

To dissect that, the game is another beast when you play with an odd number of players since there are only two teams. This creates a third team for the odd person out who wants the other two teams tied. It adds an interesting element to the game especially if an experienced/manipulative/good player is Dutch. It feels great to be that one person and pull off a victory but it doesn’t happen often. And a good game will have people guessing roles up to the final reveal.

Also, this is a game that I have enjoyed playing with 2 players as well as 9. Once again, it plays different and has a new strategy when there is two of you. You know their team, but are you able to get things done more effectively than the other pirate?

Lastly is the ease of play. One action each turn. Simple. Right? Easy to teach and it is a matter of players deciding on the list of actions on their payer card. And they usually only have no more than 3 or 5 to pick from on their turn.

It’s a small box that packs a punch.

Tortuga 1667
Facade Games
2-9 Players
45-60 mins

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