[These 35 Games] Rising 5: Runes of Asteros

Time to get a bit more cooperative with our next game. It was a Kickstarter game but I believe the base game is available at your friendly local game store. If not, I’m sure they’d be happy to try to place an order for you…

So let’s go to Asteros!


Rising 5: Runes of Asteros is a completely cooperative game for 1-4. As I’ve said before, this game is taking place of Pandemic for me. There is a whole lot less alpha gaming going on in this one because of one something thing. You aren’t the heroes.

That isn’t to say you are the villains trying to rain down destruction. Everybody plays as everybody. You are controlling a team together by use of the different hero cards in your hand.  So no one can direct your character cause you don’t have one. You choose what cards you use, when, and how many.

On top of that, the main conclusion of the game is Mastermind. It is that old puzzle game where you try to guess the code and you get told how many are in the correct place & color, how many are correct color but not in the right place place, and how many are no good without telling you which is which. Each time it is a different puzzle and not just clearing the board of pieces.

It does use an app (it keeps track of all your guesses so that is very helpful) which can be a turn off for some but they do include all the necessary pieces for you to have a someone do that for you if you don’t have an app. My edition also came with a slew of variants/expansions to include if you want to change things up a bit so they do look for ways to add more to your game.

The game is a quick play and very easy to set up. There are times where you nearly guess the combination and want to give it another go and you can quickly get back in it with a simple shuffle or a few decks and that is it. This is definitely on my list of fun/friendly, quick co-op games.

Rising 5: Runes of Asteroes
Grey Fox Games
1-5 Players
30 Minutes

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