[These 35 Games] Star Wars: Rebellion

To kick off this little wandering, we have to do one of my favorite games of all time. That is none other than Star Wars: Rebellion. While I could gush on this game for what seems like forever, I shall keep it short since I’ve chatted about it a time or two before. Do people really need to hear the same things over and over?

Let’s find out!


Quick and dirty of it…

This is Star Wars in a box. With the expansion, the game takes place right before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and you can go in any direction you want. Luke turn bad? Sure. Not include Luke? Go for it. Empire blow up the Rebel base with everyone in it? Why not? It feels like Star Wars so how can you go wrong there?

What I really like about it is the simplicity. It is a large box and so many miniatures and pieces and cards. But to play the game it is quite simple. This large sprawling game is just assigning leaders and then moving leaders and a few dice rolls. Add in clearly defined end objectives and the updated battle system that just makes more since as you play it and you got a finally tuned game.

The inside of the box could leave more to be desired but that is the care with all Fantasy Flight Game boxes. That’s why some people have made some lovely inserts that honestly, really help the game with set up and ease of reach. Highly recommend you buy one, even if it isn’t the one I got.

This game will take you two-four hours but it flies by so quickly. Highly recommend this game to everyone. It is 2-4 players and it is actually fun and a bit strategic to play with a partner. It isn’t just dividing up units, everyone is in charge of a different aspect and with the orchestra of the galaxy at war, feels like you are collaborating in taking those Rebel Scum down…I mean the other team.

So there you have it, the first game in These 35 Games.

Star Wars: Rebellion (w/Rise of the Empire expansion)
Fantasy Flight Games
2-4 Players
3-5 Hours

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