Get Some Used Games for Charity!

Labyrinth’s Annual Used Game Sale is just around the corner, like this weekend, July 28-29! Not familiar? At the beginning of this month, a bunch of people (including myself) donated some of games to be auctioned off at the end of this month. Some of the ways this aids the local community is helping buy games for local teachers and help fund Labyrinth’s school aftercare program & demo library.

They raised over $4,700 last year and hopefully they can bring in even more this year. They get a crazy amount of games and even sealed games. Some notable games I’ve heard them offing is HeroQuest w/expansion fully painted, Near & Far sealed, Twilight Imperium 4 sealed, Xenoshyft Dreadmire, and thousands more. So there are plenty of good stuff to be found.

More details? Hit the jump!

Now that you are here, be sure to get a bidding number at the Used Game site. It is free. But you have to do it before end of the day Friday. There are typically lines for this cause everyone wants to buy these good games so plan accordingly. That is why Labyrinth has a schedule page for you to follow. Be sure to check out what games are being auctioned when.

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