What is Coriolis?

Coriolis is the next RPG drama from NTBoardGames! That’s it, wrap it up…but seriously there is a lot of background story to this game as it takes place centuries in the future on very distant planets. Described as Arabian Nights meets Firefly, buckle in for a hopefully noir, gritty, sci-fi/out-there experience!

The earth is dying.

In a last effort to save humanity, two large ships were created to let us explore the galaxy and find a new home. These two spacecrafts were called the Zenith and the Nadir. These vessels were large enough to support life for centuries, and they did.

Somewhere along the way the Nadir disappeared, never to be heard of again.

After a number of centuries passed, the Zenith reaches its destination of the star system KUA. But things aren’t as planned. The planets in this solar system have already been inhabited…by humans.

Hit the jump to finish reading the prologue, it is included in the first episode so you could follow along…

Shortly after the two ark ships left Earth, scientists discovered ancient technology in space. No one knows who created it but they were soon referred to as the Portal Builders. These portals allowed humans to travel to distant horizons and expand.

The first Horizon (group of solar systems like a galaxy but not as big) was good for the people but not all. Not everyone believes in the same ideology so when a second Horizon appeared, many jumped at the chance to make their own way. The same happened when the Third Horizon was found.

Travel from horizon to horizon became common to trade and give goods. But soon came a time where the people of the First Horizon decided it needed to reclaim its lost followers. Obviously this did not sit well and soon the Portal Wars began.

Horizons’ blood shed was plentiful. Some brave people among the Third Horizon decided to sacrifice their lives and potentially everything to stop the bloodshed. The portal connections to the the first two horizons were severed. All ties, all trades, all goods, all people separated from the Third Horizon. Much despair and recession took place as they tried to make due with what they had.

It is then that the people found comfort. Not in each other but in Nine Icons (gods). They know them to be fact as they control, connect, and possess everything with life around them. Celebrations are held, offerings, prayers, and more to keep their every day life safe. For where there is light, there is dark. Much fear grew for the Dark Between the Stars, since the blackness could take them whole. But their Icons (The Messenger, The Dancer, The Gambler, The Deckhand, The Merchant, The Judge, The Traveler, The Lady of Tears, and The Faceless One) will keep them safe whether they are in a fight or simply traveling through a portal.

Many decades past and after the Zenith arrived at the third planet from the star KUA, a mutiny occurred. The ship’s captain and his family were exiled to the jungle planet below. There, the Quassar family took residence in the Monolith, a 4km tall structure of unknown original. Not being afraid of culture, they took residence and as 60 years passed, a booming city surrounded and inhabited the monolith.

But the people on the Zenith didn’t rest. They repurposed the ship into a space station that they call Coriolis. Showing good gestures, they sent out word to everyone in the Third Horizon to come and be heard. No prejudice on whether they were Firstcome (born/”original” descendants of the Third Horizon) or Zenthian (born on the Zenith), since the former were more culture/religious focused and the latter were more progressive and less religious focused; all were welcome.They soon formed The Council of Factions. Ten factions to meet and consult about matters.

Zenithans Factions

  • The Consortium
  • The Free League
  • The Legion
  • The Syndicate
  • The Zenithian Hegemony

Firstcome Factions

  • Ahlam’s Temple
  • The Draconites
  • The Church of the Icons
  • The Order of the Pariah
  • The Nomad Federation

All had a place but all with different ideas.

Soon after strange things began to appear. Starting with faint sensor echoes from the depths of the gas giant Xene, finally something emerged, spectres from another world. Showing no immediate signs of danger, five appeared. One at the monitoring station of the gas giant, three flew off into the Horizon, and the last one went straight to the Council on Coriolis to demand a seat, and got one. The Emissary even claimed itself to be an incarnation of the Icon the Judge. This caused outrage in the Order of the Pariah with cries of “sacrilege,” causing them to close their home system to all travel.

These Emissaries were not the only thing to arrive. People started to change. Minds twisted and rampant madness appeared, the worst began as well…mystic powers began to manifest in people. From beggars to princes, all have potential to awaken with Mystic’s disease or the Blight. Medicurgs try to explain the phenomena as mind meme (sickness) or evil curse from the Dark Between the Stars. Those with mystic powers are being hunted and killed. People will even risk their lives by keeping quiet if they come down with the illness for fear of their lives be put into mortal danger.

An agent team consisting of a preacher and a scientist have been tasked by the Council of Factions to do a job…

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