Board Gaming When Sick?

We are all not invulnerable and eventually get sick. That is where I am now and wondering if I should try playing a game while laying down. Obviously you more than likely won’t get any willing participants to play sick games with you but there is still solo play…

Most games it would probably be too much to play while sick but more and more games coming out are easy to play so you don’t need a fully functioning brain to play them…wait, that sounds wrong…

Games on the phone are easy to jump into since they set it up for you. Some may say they aren’t quite the same but I just played a game of Splendor against the ai and that worked. Though they were hard to follow along what they were taking.

Learning new games is out of the question but I have a couple that are easy to put on the table. But is that still too much brain energy usage?

So how about you, ever tried gaming while having a sick day? Ever been able to coheres someone into playing a game with a sicky? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Board Gaming When Sick?”

  1. Being sick myself, along with the rest of the family, I do agree, that is difficult to get games on the table. What I do to satisfy the hunger, are solo games or very simple games like Hive or Exploding Kittens.
    Being sick and playing a heavy game is like peeing in stormy weather. When I have a fever (as I have atm) I can’t keep focus on any plans I might have in the heavy games.
    So, until I get back on my feet, I’ll play some solo games, a bit of Xbox and sleep it off.

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  2. Contagious people that want to play games with others in the same room are monsters. If this sickness lands on planned game days that impact your group, be courteous enough to let others know you’re sick. And if you must absolutely play boardgames with others nearby at least have the decency of dowsing yourself and everything you touch with sanitizer. Personally, my fun, entertainment, and being social is not worth the risk of infecting others.


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