BFGcon is coming!

bfgcon-logo-400What is BFGcon? Well it has nothing to do with the game DOOM. It is all about tabletop. Big Frederick Gaming Convention is happening at March 23-25. It is a 3-day convention that is all about the hobby. It takes place in Frederick, MD, and looks to be in line with MAGFest but just board games. They even have someone who is known for making comedic music about gaming doing two concerts.

But wait, there’s more!

So what should you expect at the event?

  • Vendors
  • Open Play
  • Tournaments
  • Auctions
  • Magic/CCGs
  • Wargaming/Miniatures
  • RPG sessions
  • Concerts
  • Contests

That’s a good number of things to draw some interest from all kinds of crowds. I know I’ll be heading out at least on the Saturday. Tickets are on sale from $40-$20 in advance depending on how many days you wish to attend. Check out their website for more details.

Might feel appropriate to bring my copy of DOOM.

Rip & Tear?

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