What’s Inside My Box: Dinosaur Island (Deluxe Edition)

Who doesn’t want to build their own Jurassic Park? In this deluxe edition, storing it is as big of a problem as people getting eaten! I think I’ve got it perfected and squared away on how to store this big and super heavy game. And there is no box pop-up! How’s that for you?

Hit the jump to see where the T-Rex fits…

Is there a game you have an interesting way to store it?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Box: Dinosaur Island (Deluxe Edition)”

  1. I’ve got a copy of Dinosaur Island hopefully lined up for review, and man am I excited. I mean sure, we’ve made a lot of movies telling us that making an island full of dinosaurs is a crappy idea, but c’mon, how bad could it really be?


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