10×10 Challenges and You!

It was a little over a year ago that I heard about the 10×10 challenge. If you are not aware, this simply states that you make an effort to play 10 selected games 10 times each within a certain period of time (usually a year). Being intrigued and having a nifty & easy way to track it on my phone, I took the plunged in 2017. That year is long gone and I am left in the aftermath of my 10×10. But what did I take away from it?

I was really excited about starting this challenge. My iPhone has the BoardGameStats app on it (which can keep track of all my plays, who I played with, scores, etc); for a dollar or two I got advanced stats which also includes the 10×10 Challenge. It lets you pick the games, change the numbers, and make it hardcore or not. Hardcore mode means you can’t change the games throughout the year.

Well I started it and was excited for it because of what I thought it would happen. I was under the impression that this would focus you into playing your games and getting a lot out of them because too many times games are left unplayed. Who wouldn’t want something motivating you to play the great games you own?

In reality, the smaller, party games were accomplished within a month and other games staggered. Not because they were bad games. Not because I had no one to play with. It was because new games come out and not everyone else wants to play the same game as many times. The new game aspect can be helped, don’t add new games if you are just trying to play old games. But adding heavier games can be a bigger task.

Maybe I don’t play boards as much as I should, though in the last 365 days I played 348 times, so I get around a little. I’ll work on that in 2018. More games, more fun, let’s do this!

1010The easiest games I found were able to get done were party games and solo. Solo is pretty self-explanatory, do it whenever you want. Most of my games on my list were pretty light in nature in the end. I feel bad about that. I had a lot bigger games on my list but as the year pressed on, I decided to swap some games like TMNT or Near & Far out since I know it wouldn’t be possible. In the end, 6 of my games took to December (three of which I didn’t get until December so that is impressive, no?) to complete as you can see.

The one big game on the list was Star Wars: Imperial Assault. It was a campaign (and I did a bout or two of Skirmish) and that was forced to finish since someone was moving away. The next biggest was either Century: Golem Edition or Rising 5: Runes of Asteros. Neither are huge but they are a whole lot bigger than say Antidote or Tortuga 1667.


My takeaway is that I don’t know if the 10×10 Challenge is good. I noticed that I found myself pushing hard for games on this list that I normally wouldn’t have. Not to say I wouldn’t play them or wouldn’t ask people to have but my pressure wouldn’t be as strong. My opinions on the challenge are not finalized. It is not the worst idea ever. With a really curated list, you could get this done and feel really good about it.

That said, I did start a new one for 2018. Trying to not use all the games I played last year that I know will get done, but it would help me get it done. Maybe this would be better if it was a 5×5 Challenge or even a 10×5 (which doesn’t have a nice of ring)? They do allow you to change the numbers as I mentioned before. Not having party-esque games could be a thing as well. Regardless some changes my be popping up on my next challenge for 2018.

How do you feel about 10×10 challenges? Have you done one?

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