2018 Resolution: A Great Exodus

I feel in some ways, 2017 was a year of gluttony. Games, oh the games! 2018 feels different already. Maybe this is my “resolution” this year but I am already anxious for Labyrinth’s sale and getting rid of games I know I will not play and haven’t played in years.

2018, the year of the exodus?!

I know board games are not people. Now that is out of the way…

Some have served me well and others I just don’t think I can get to the table. I’ve actually already started by donating four games to MAGFest. I’m already thinking about what I will do when I finish Gloomhaven this year. Should I just trash it, see if someone wants to pieces it back together or use it for parts?

I can think of a million reasons to keep a game but how many reasons do I need to give one away?

Two player games might be strong on this list since I rarely play two player games. Star Wars Destiny is gone from my collection but shouldn’t Raptor and Onitama? If I can find a reason to drop a SW games, I don’t think other games are not safe.

But this is me. I have only so much space and so much time to play a game. Probably be healthy to get rid some of them. Though there is an even a bigger problem with this mindset…

Where/how do I get rid of them?

One thought on “2018 Resolution: A Great Exodus”

  1. 2017 game acquisition hit me hard– both in the wallet and the shelf space. I definitely have some games on my culling pile, but I’m still not convinced that I’ll have the mass exodus to distill the collection down to the “best” or “most played games”.

    Part of the struggle is justifying games that I love that I can’t get to the table very often. This year I think I’m going to strive to play a larger variation of games instead of shooting for 10×10 challenges


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