NTBG’s Awards of 2017

CJ did his picks of the year, I had to take some time to think about my favorites. It was a tough one because when do games really come out? It might be released from Kickstarter at one point but retail later.  Some games might’ve come out at the end of 2016 or 2017 so there is no time to really play them with others. For example, I got Charterstone at the beginning of December, but there isn’t enough time in December to really try that game.

That said, I am only looking at games I have played in 2017. My list will be open to games released in the last three months of the previous year. This is within reason, as some quicker games can be digested in that amount of time.

Also, one can only play so many games!

It was really hard not to put Star Wars: Rebellion down again. I played that a lot and played it two player and four player. It is one of my favorite games. So I hope you enjoy me branching out!

Best Solo Game


Deep Space D-6

Pretty quick, light, but deep game has dice chucking and is all about playing with yourself. You are a commander of a ship (space is cool) and you have to survive a deck of bad stuff. If you do, you must defeat the boss. With a variety of ships and ease to set up, this is one can get on your table really quickly and is fun.


Best Team/Co-Op Game


-How to Rob a Bank

Random pick up from le Target and turns out to be quite the game. Two-three robbers try to rob a bank and the guard has to stop them. It is the luck of the tiles but also the strategy of where to go and out smart the guard.

-Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

Best Party Game


-Tortuga 1667

This doesn’t seem like it would be a big party game but it satisfied all the criteria of a one: encourage social interaction, easy setups, simple rules, can accommodate large groups of people, short amount of time. When I take it to conventions, people always want to play.


Best Worker Placement


-Deep Space D-6

Did I forget to mention this game is also a worker placement game? You throw dice and whatever side they land on, those are the actions you can place. Sometimes the dice in a certain section of the ship can be trapped so becareful how you use your dice!

-Near and Far

Best Game Insert


-Rising 5: Runes of Asteros (Deluxe Edition)

The insert here is so nice. All the pieces are in their place and there is no question where things should go. There are indentations for placement of the board and it holds everything in place and it actually works (sorry The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, yours doesn’t)! It is just so nicely presented. Not sure what the standard box looks like though.

-Star Wars: Rebellion ZenBins

Best Expansion


-Rise of the Empire

Still got Star Wars: Rebellion in here in some form! This expansion really adds to the game. It does something better with the combat, adds new units, and adds new leaders. I can’t imagine playing the game without this expansion.

-XIA: Embers of a Forsaken Star

Biggest Disappointment


-Century: Spice Road

Hold on, let me explain on this one. I love me some Century. I own a shirt of it.

Now, if you let me get to the reason why it is my biggest disapointment…the game was originally called Caravan. There were two versions proposed, regular and Golem. They posted on BGG about it and asked what version people were interested. People voted for Golem. Then they said they scrapped it and only this version was coming because that is what Europe wanted. So I bought it assuming they weren’t lying to me. Well they were and then they came out with the Golem version. It is way more pretty, has a better insert, and has better gems. Also, the insert is really bad.

Otherwise, I haven’t played too many disappointing games this year.

-Secret Hitler

Biggest Surprise


-Tortuga 1667

This game came out of NOWHERE! Sure, I Kickstarted it cause it seemed pretty good but didn’t think it would play this well and really get people’s attention. It is the simple actions you can do and the hidden role dynamic that really gets the game going. Probably best to play with odd number of people but it goes from 2-9 and it works either way.

Have you checked out my LivePlay of it?


Best Game of 2017


–Century: Golem Edition

See, I don’t hate the game. I really love it. I’ve played it tons and theoretically bought it twice (sold the other version). It is easy to play but there is great depth in the strategy. Also, it is so pretty, so so pretty!

-Tortuga 1667

Thanks for stopping by. Is there another category you think I should feature in the future? Let me know!

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