Good Dice, Bad Dice

There are so many types of dice out there. Different colors, sizes, shapes, and of course sides. It is typically considered a big part of the gaming world. While it is easy to have a game without dice, if a game does have dice, they should be nice. But what makes a good and bad pair of dice?

Let’s talk about some dice!

Seasons has big dice with nice imprints. It has a very classy look. On top of that, it comes with 16 unique dice (four of four colors). With the large size, well-crafted imprints, and bright colors, it is hard not to be impressed with these dice. It can be a bit hard to roll all of them at once but that isn’t a sign of bad dice. Plus they make a good nice while banging against each other in your hand.

not mine, close enough

I did kickstart a pair of wooden, Artisan dice. It was made with special wood that feels light. They are pretty cool but I have to admit they have two issues. The first is that with it being a wholly natural product, there is no painting/coloration on the pips so it makes it much harder to read the final result. I could fix that myself with white paint or another color that goes well with blue but I feel that would take away from the product and what it was going for. Plus, if I mess up adding the paint, then the dice are going to look completely awful. The other issue are the corners; while they are not sharp, the dice corners are pretty pointy. These dice are also pretty large and chunky. So large dice with pointy corners just doesn’t feel good in your hands and makes it difficult to get a good shake before you let them fly from your hands.

four sides, but are they fun?

Now with all this talk about pointy dice, the four-sided die should come to mind. Is it possible to have a four-sider that isn’t pointy? Well there is but it isn’t really a widely, commercially available product at this point. So pyramids are what we have to settle for. But these don’t have to be a problem… if they are nicely made. I think most manufacturers, if not all, make sure they keep these dulled. But it is definitely not one of my favorite dice out there. Luckily, most games don’t use these ones so that is one less worry.

So what is my favorite kind of dice? Looks like I enjoy a nice pair of chunky dice. It was a big factor in me keeping Star Wars Destiny for as long as I did. It isn’t that they need to be big, honking dice. They just need to feel good in your hand and easy to read the results. I wonder if no sharp corners is the one big requirement?  As for the number, I think a good 12-sided die is pretty nice if I had to pick. Those sixes are easier to stack and make designs though…

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