Buy Some Games, Support Your FLGS!

Hey all! It is Black Friday and that means people punching each other in the face for a telev…err, i mean buying tons of stuff for friends, family, and of course yourself! Regardless of your actions and motives, remember that Saturday is Small Business Saturday.

Your Friendly Local Game Store definitely fits the bill for a small business. So before you blow your budget on the big stores, set some money aside to support them. I know I’m planning to head to mine and pick up a few goodies!

Some new goodies to keep your eye out for…

  • Star Cartel
  • Tortuga 1667
  • Star Wars: Rebellion (plus expansion)
  • Wind-Up War
  • Infection at Outpost 31
  • Near & Far
  • Dice Forge
  • Kingdomino

But the world of board games is large and there are many games out there for you to discover!

Let’s play some games!

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