Restoration Games’ Fireball Island

Fireball Island was a classic game growing up for me. As posted earlier, Restoration Games is remaking the game so much rejoicing is happening. They haven’t revealed much but at PAX Unplugged, I got to chat with them about the game.

Hit the jump to read what they told me…

First thing they mentioned is having to make the game live up to your memories (13 feet tall a& marbles going 50 mph) and maybe not what it actually was. Now this is talk about the board. They can’t make the game how it was before and with that giant box, it would never appear in retail stores but they are still planning to make the board bigger and better. To accomplish this, the board will break up into 3 large, stackable pieces in the box with clips on the side to hold it in place. Along this route, there will be more variants with the marble paths. Not only do we get a big board but we get to build it. I can just hear the impressive noises from unaware gamers at the table!

The story for the game takes place on the same island but years in the future. A company has come and set up a theme park on it. You won special tickets but there is a curse that has other plans. So you are running on the island and collecting items and trying to escape with your life. There’s still time until it is released so not all is finalized (heck the board is still white and in prototype form).

Last thing mentioned was the release. Not actual release date but what comes with it. There are planned expansions for this game. One example is a pirate ship that you put next to the board. It has cannons that can be aimed and fire marbles that can ricochet on the ship. I believe there were about 4 expansions planned for this game, I forget how many will make the game release along with it but at least one will.

Definitely was given some good info to increase the hype for this game. Though it won’t come out until 2018, but we will be cursed soon enough!

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