Robit Riddle, a Robot Mystery

It is no secret that I am a fan of narrative driven games, so it is interesting to see how different board game designers approach this topic. Robit Riddle is a mystery/adventure game I first saw at Origins, had a successful Kickstarter, and now will be at PAX Unplugged as their production phase comes to an end. So it is right around a corner.

I hope to get more information on the game at PAX Unplugged so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Hit the jump to check out the press release…

Unlock your inner robot and solve the mystery in Robit Riddle.
A game from designer Kevin Craine and artist John Ariosa (Mice and Mystics) coming to a store near you in early 2018.
In a world where robots are the only life forms, something nefarious is afoot in Tink Town: every pet robit is missing. Robit Riddle is an exciting adventure game set in a unique and beautiful world filled with robots.
With books inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure series, Robit Riddle takes you on a journey through the eyes of your robot. Tell interesting tales while following along in the storybooks to create an immersive narrative that keeps you guessing.
After 3 years of development, hundreds of playtests, and a successful Kickstarter we are getting ready for its official launch in early 2018. The game is currently available for preorder on our website for $45 which includes shipping.
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About the game:
The goal of Robit Riddle is to find out what happened to all of the pet robits. Depending on how good of an ending you reach in the storybook you may get much, some, or no information about the missing robits.
Over multiple plays across multiple books a complete picture starts to form. The more you play, the better you do, the more you will learn.
Each player chooses a robot. Then starts reading in one of three storybooks. As you follow along choices will need to be made, encounters will happen, and an ending will be found. With light RPG elements and the storybook leading the way, there are countless paths to the 60 different endings.
Players add up the points gained from their encounters and ending to see how they did. Can you figure out the riddle to the missing pet robits?

Number of players: 1 – 6
Time required: 5 – 45 minutes (depending on how far you get)
Recommended ages: 8+ (or anyone that enjoys a 30 minute story)

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