Trying Another Legacy Game

Legacy games are all the rage nowadays. If you are not familiar, a Legacy game has you play a game multiple times in a row and making decisions that affect the game permanently. The game could ask you to tear up a card, put a sticker on the board, or open a box that introduces new elements to the game.

I think I am going to bite the bullet on another Legacy game.

Why is this a big deal? I absolutely DESPISED Pandemic Legacy Season 1. In short, it didn’t seem well planned out (seriously using the same numbers on cards and boxes?), was too fiddly, still didn’t explain all the rules, and your decisions didn’t matter in the end. I’ve been pretty adamant of my dislike of the game. I even gave up the original games cause I no longer have interest in playing Pandemic.

But there are more of these legacy games popping up. I could careless about Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and SeaFall but I haven’t given up hope on all future possibilities. So that leads us to this game…


Charterstone is made by Stonemaier games (Scythe) so it should carry some weight. I think that thing that really put me over the top is the type of game it is. Turns out I really love worker placement games and that is exactly what this is. Part of the deformation of the board is placing out new locations that give you more actions.

It doesn’t hurt that the game does look quick pretty!

So I think I am going to do it. It plays from 1-6 players since they have rules for automatas/AI players and the reviews on that part have been positive. Not only that, the designer even said to play the game and add them in later if you want to spice things up. That makes the game seem more versatile and intriguing.

Not that it is something I’d necessarily do but they did also create a “Recharge Pack” that gives you a fresh pack of all the extra stuff so you can play through it again from scratch. This is something a lot of people complained about in the past so it is good to know people are listening.

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