The 7th Continent Ending Soon!

Usually I don’t post about Kickstarters because I’d be here all day, but this one is bit of an exception for reasons that should be made apparent. First and foremost…the KS campaign for The 7th Continent ends Thursday, October 19, at 5:59 pm ET. So if you are interested in the game, jump on it!

Why is that? Hit the jump to find out…

If you are unsure what 7C is… you are cursed and on an island. You must explore it to try to release the curse and escape. You are only allowed to do the actions on your character or on the space you are on. The game is very narrative driven with every card having a story on it. There are 1,000+ cards and the latest KS adds more. This is the second printing of the game plus all previous expansions and a large expansion is being offered as well.

The reason why you should back this is that they have stated that this game won’t be released in stores.

I did a quick LivePlay of the game that haphazardly goes through the actions to give you an idea of how it plays. And there are numerous positive impressions out there. So if you are interested, you might want to look about jumping in before it is too late.

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