Resident Evil…2!!!

That title was totally done like this. If you played any Resident Evil video game, you would hear it in the voice. It is pretty iconic. And now board gamers can experience the pleasure…well you still won’t hear it since I doubt they will include an audio player in the box to play before each game. That wouldn’t be cost effective and would be awfully silly. But could you imagine having that it in your box to press every time you start the game?! Who would press the button? You could have a different person press it every time new zombies appeared or other monsters as well. RESIDENT EVIL…TWO!!! It would work, right? Might be pretty co…

So yeah, there is a board game being made of this video game.

I was late on the news of the RE2 teaser announcement and had this cool nonsensical rambling about autumn being late pumpkin spice season which is wierd because I always grew up thinking September was a fall month but it is mostly a summer month. At least it isn’t as crazy as people thinking August is not a summer month. What kind of nonsense is that?

dbedc3bcd738e790a2720065a19ce8e7_originalAnyways, the people who brought you Dark Souls: The Board Game on KS is bringing you Resident Evil 2: The Board Game. They are dedicated to bringing you the definitive RE2 experience in board game form and they say they are huge fans and fully understand the game. That is why this is a fully cooperative game (no traitors) for 1-4 players where if one character dies, the whole thing is over.

“Innovative” mechanic added to the game is the Tension Deck that tells you if things are all clear or if monsters spawn…so like the zombie spawn cards in Zombicide, mythos cards in Eldritch Horror, infection cards in Pandemic, etc.

5c8b3f4d6fe4339a4a542967fe31fd8f_originalYou can choose a number of memorable/favorite characters. That number is four. There is Leon, Claire, Ada, and Robert. You know Robert, he is the guy who DIES in the very beginning of the game at the gun store. Also, be sure to get the B-Files (comes with each pledge, so why have it separate?), otherwise you miss out on even more baddies from the game like Mr. T (T-00) and alternate mold Leon (not from the video game).

To make up for the missing enemies that are still not in the B-Files/standard pledge, there are add-ons! You can pick up the “Malformations of G.” That is the only option and it contains all the different stages that William Birkin goes through including the final form at the end of the game. You do want to fight the final boss, right?

They do have another fun add-on called the “Retro Pack” This replaces all the cards with art from the game. So your weapons will look like you are looking at them in your inventory a la the game. That’s neat.

I don’t know about you but I am thoroughly convinced that they understand the game, from the tension deck trying to rush you & make you decide if you are going to waste your time closing a door or leave it open so you can get attacked to making sure that everyone is still live at the end of the game. Who needs puzzles, right? Or Sherry…or Hunk!

Kickstarter is up and they have an early bird if it is still available.

It is a shame there isn’t a stretch goal or add-on for the voice chip. I mean they are nickel & dim-in’ you on everything else!

*but seriously, I heard it wasn’t too bad from someone at GenCon & curious if some decisions has any connection to the RE2 remake 

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