I Need to Play Some More Games…

I love me some board games and have a large collection. It is not as large as many people but having 100+ games is nothing to snicker at. This creates situations that are common with most people, forgetting to play all your board games!

I’m trying to rate all my games in order on how I like them and am presented with games I have barely touched. It reminds me of these great ones that I need to get to the table. How do you deal with getting games you don’t play often/at all to the table? Keep suggesting until people play them?

My list is growing…

  • Realm of Heroes
  • Norsaga
  • Vye
  • String Railway
  • Forge War
  • Dumpster Diver
  • Merchants of Araby
  • Witness
  • Defenders of the Last Stand
  • Star Wars: Destiny
  • TMNT
  • Sky Tango
  • and more…

My plan for action will be presenting the game and hoping people will want to give them a try. Will this work? I don’t know but they are good and I guess they won’t get played unless I “push” them, right?

Guess if you are going to play games with me in the near future, expect to see those on the table. Which one do you want to play?

2 thoughts on “I Need to Play Some More Games…”

  1. I mean, This is basically the essence of why Jones Theory for boardgames exist, right? It’s hard to justify gigantic collections if you’re only playing a % of those games because they are subjectively better than others.

    If a game isn’t making it to the table, it’s probably a good time to ask yourself “why do I never get to play this game?”

    Typically in my case, it’s because there are games that better fill that same niche.


    1. It is close to Jones Theory but a lot of the games on my list fit different roles and not just a flavor change (ie: not a sci-fi vs western dungeon crawler).


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