Fireball Island Is Coming Back!

That’s right, it is coming back!

I recall as a kid playing my friend’s copy of this board game. Massive board, marbles rolling everywhere, and the eventual missing bridge pieces…it is such a memorable experience. And the team from Restoration Games are remaking/making a sequel of this old classic!

Hit the jump for some details…

Now they don’t have a lot of details on this game but they do have some info.

First up, Rob Daviau and J.R. Honeycutt are helping out with this game. David Kegg is doing the art. And the island is being designed by the guy who made the Mech vs Minions insert, Noah Adelman. Good to hear the island is getting some good attention.

Second, this sounds more like a sequel as it is called Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar and is said to pick up where the original left off. Not only that, it will have a “funny, fresh twist on the story.” I am curious what they mean by that, especially when they said funny. Will this be a screw-your-neighbor type game and that is where the funny comes in? No idea but we will have to wait.

Not too long of the wait as they said the Kickstarter will start soon. You can head to the games page to sign-up for notifications.

[via their announcement]

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