Where’s the Board Game Merch?

If you are like me, you like to wear shirts with graphics on them. Typically they are of your hobbies but sometimes funny things. But have you noticed there are a lack of board game focused gear?

Why is that?

NTBG has some merch but only two are actually “game-focused.” The rest are related to this site. So I am doing my part but why aren’t their more?

I do own a few board game shirts though. They were all either special order (Century: Spice Road & Last Night on Earth) or Kickstarter exclusive (Tsuro: Path of the Seas & Zombicide). Despite the hobby growing as it is, if I wanted a shirt, I would have to put a lot of effort into finding one, especially a good one.

Is this more of an issue that board gamers don’t want this type of merch or do companies not care about this side of the hobby?

With some companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, I am sure it is a licensing issue because of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. But they have their own Runebound brand and many other companies own their own IPs. Wearing a cool shirt is a good way to spread awareness and they also get money for that merch.

It is easy to say the game is the merch itself but very few people are going to have their favorite game on them all the time unless it is tiny. Even something as simple as buttons or stickers would probably do some good.

Maybe it is just me but this part of the hobby seems like an untapped gold mine (or at least silver). Would you buy board game shirts or other pieces of clothing?

But I’m just talking…


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Board Game Merch?”

    1. What if it is a really SWEET logo?

      I understand that sentiment. No one puts too much effort into shirts if they even have them.


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