Our Podcast/Audio Future

If you are reading this, you might’ve enjoyed our audio products offered to you. Although it is available on many different platforms, the source of the upload is SoundCloud. They have been in the news a lot recently because of troubles. Bottomline, they might not have enough money and need to shut down; it could be as soon as TODAY.

I’m hoping this won’t be the case since I’ve grew accustomed to it and works really well for our site so far. That being said, if it shuts down, I will have to move over our content to another provider. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition but there could be a week or two bump in the road to get things where they should be.

Not guaranteeing our entire backlog of content will be back on iTunes/other platforms but will try to keep at least the good stuff. If there is anything you really love, DLing wouldn’t be an awful idea.

Leave a comment on your favorite stuff and/or vote in our poll about it after the jump.

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