Welcome to the Board Game Club!

The Board Game Club is the latest feature coming to NTBoardGames. Tonight we will be broadcasting & recording our first episode at 9:00 PM ET. As with all of our live events, it will be archived and available later on our YouTube page.

Find out tonight or hit the jump for more details…

BGC works just like a book club. Every month we pick a board game to play and then stream our chat about the game at a later time. Was it good? What flaws did it have? Would we play it again? And more depending on the game of course.

With this being the premiere, the show will be a public, live broadcast. In the future, Patreon supporters will be able to watch the livestream. They will also know in advance what game will be discussed so they have the opportunity to play it on their own before the stream and enter the chat.


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