Too Much Gaming?

It is safe to assume if you are reading this, you like to play board games. You probably like to play them a lot. That’s okay, so do I. Some of us are always trying to find more and more time to play board games. But is there a point where it becomes too much?

I suppose there is a certain mindset that allows one to keep on playing board games over and over without rest. I think this way since there are those who can do that with video games; sit down in their comfy, gaming beanbag chair and play a game (or multiples) all day long.

For myself, it has been a while since I’ve tried to marathon a bunch of board games in a row. I do find my brain getting a little tired with the thinking process but I wonder if that is a symptom of lack of nourishment at the right time and the types of games being played sequentially. Perhaps the filler/micro games are the ones that will really do the trick?

I haven’t approached the frequency of “gaming too much” yet. Trying to have a couple days a week where I play board games is doing just fine right now. But gaming is fun and can you ever have too much fun?

How much do you game?

I’m just talking…maybe I should go back to playing…

3 thoughts on “Too Much Gaming?”

  1. Unless you game so much you don’t eat or sleep you’re not gaming too much 🙂 my gaming group gets together to do whole marathons where we’ll regularly play six games back to back. It’s not too much, probably because we probably only do it a few times a month.


    1. Few times a month and playing six games back to back feels like a lot a few times a month. I am a little jealous. Safe to guess they weren’t just micro/quick games like Love Letter?

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      1. Some are, some aren’t. We tend to do two/three big games and three/four small ones. We’ll usually play a few set piece games like Stone Age or Terra Mystica, and then a few small ones like Timelines or Codenames as kind of ‘sorbet’ games.


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