[Game Stories] Imperial Assault: Hoth – Part 3

It has been a little while but the rag-tag group of Rebels are ready to mount another mission. This time they are heading back to Hoth. Will they continue the campaign with another victory or will they feel the sting of the Empire’s grip?

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Everyone was busy getting ready aboard their freighter. The new members of the group sat depressed in their bunks. They were not cleared to go on this mission.

“Don’t worry, your expertise will be required later,” reassured Gideon. “But for now, it is better for you to stay out of trouble here. We shouldn’t be long, we are just going to check out what’s left on Hoth.”

The group lands a ways out from where they are expected to go and notice a troubling sight up ahead. Imperial Snowtroopers and they have set up a blockade. They’ve received transmissions from Rebels around this area and need to rescue them now.

“Who’s idea was it to leave the twins behind? They would’ve made short work of that barricade, that’s for sure,” Verena snaps.

“Stow it, Talos! Gaarkhan, show them how you feel about that barricade,” Gideon orders.


Gaarkhan pulls his staff out and charges head fist, leaving the rest of the group behind. It isn’t long before the Imperials take notice, he is a wookie charging them in the snow afterall.

Verena follows behind reluctantly as Gideon and Jyn find a spot out of the line of fire. As the two work on the barricade, ignoring and dodging the blaster fire from the troopers, a roar is heard behind them. One of the indigenous species appears to have found them and is quite hungry.

Ignoring the approaching wampa, Vernea and Gaarkhan are able to set some modified thermal detonators and blow up the barricade holding them from their objective. The loud noises only encourages the wampa to approach the meal that is ignoring it.

The Empire has overrun the place!

“Looks like we have some more trouble!” Verena yells back to Gideon.

The wampa is not the only new threat. On the other side of the barricade and down the pathway between buildings waits an impressive looking Imperial Officer and an E-Web Engineer with his cannon sighting the recent demolitions.

“More Rebels? Very well, you may fire when ready,” Jann the officer announces as blasts of laser fill the air from the newly revealed cannon.

Gaarkhan quickly turns around to deal with the wampa. With two hefty swings, he is able to kill and dismember the wampa. Thinking on her feet, Verena grabs the freshly removed limb and swings it at a nearby Snowtrooper, tearing throw his plastoid armor as if it was nothing.

The two continue their attack on the nearby Imperials as Gideon commands Jyn to get ahead to get to the people or stop Jann.

“Those two are offering a good enough distraction, get in there and find those people!” Gideon orders.

Clear a path!

Jyn is able to get past the chaos that her fellow squad mates are causing. Left and right the Snowtroopers and Stormtroopers fall to the ground, not without getting their own shots in.

But it isn’t enough. The Empire is a machine, able to churn out a demoralizing number of troopers. As one is killed, three more takes his place. With them all being the same height and identical in attire, it is as if they are killing the same trooper over and over. A never ending waves of white faces filling their view.

Troopers everywhere but where did Jann go?

Jann and his gun are having trouble with getting into the buildings so they open fire. It makes short work of the doors. His gun stays out in the open to guard the pathway but the officer makes his way into one of the buildings. And soon blaster fire is heard. And another followed by some screams. It is obvious what they are at this location to do.

This mission of safety has been cranked up many notches. Jyn makes a mad dash to the building the officer entered, dodging heavy cannon fire and light blasters alike. She is a possessed woman with one objective and nothing else matters.

Oh no…

One of the Snowtroopers follows Jyn into the building just as Jann puts the last laser bolt into the Rebel sympathizer in the building. She fills with rage, it clouds her vision as she fires at the officer and jumps behind cover. She soon realizes it wasn’t rage filling her eyes but the tears from the cold-hearted act she just witnessed.

“The wookie has got this, catch up with Jyn. I don’t like what I just heard,” Gideon says to Verena.

She puts her knife into a trooper, “how can you hear anything with all this going on?” She fires another blast at a trooper. She storms off quickly, weaving between another platoon of Stormtroopers. “Good luck, Gaarkhan!”

The wookie roars as he takes down another two troopers with one swing. But more come as he takes more hits from their blasters.

The officer that ran into the building comes flying out. Verena catches his eyes and chases him only to have him slip through another platoon of Stormtroopers. Some of them stay there to stop her, but the majority find their way into the all the buildings. It seems the situation has become much more dire.

Gaarkhan fights his hardest to stop the troopers from entering the buildings but there are too many to hold back. As more fall to the ground, even more pour into the buildings.

There’s just too many of them.

Jyn find herself in a corner in pain from the sight and from the blaster wound she received in the stomach. All the troopers have left the cold, open room. Heavy blaster fire can be heard echoing through the blown out door. More screams run across the now battlefield.

It is all too clear that all the remaining rebel civilians are no longer living.

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