[Game Stories] Imperial Assault: Hoth – Part 2

This is the continuing story of four heroes in the Star Wars universe. They started at Hoth with a depressing defeat (check what happened here) first time out. Now they are rushing out for a side mission. Read about their adventures after the jump!

Jyn wakes up in a bed aboard an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate. Her wounds are a little fresh but she is movable. She greets the rest of the group in common area. The group looks a little banged up but trying to keep their spirits up. She notices everyone is starting at a holoscreen. There’s a new mission afoot.

Gideon catches Jyn up, “Glad to see you are among the living. It was a bit touch and go there but we were able to pull out in one piece…well all that is here. The Hoth Troopers didn’t make it but we might’ve found some additional help from an unlikely pair.”

“You sure these boom-boom twins are the answer?” Verena interrupts.

“raaaaaahhgh uughghhhgh huuguughghg aguhwwgggghhh” grunts Gaarkhan.

“What do you mean, ‘what could it hurt?’ We are aren’t machines and are vulnerable to explosions!” says Verena.

“The Empire’s forces are strong, we need any help we can get, however unlikely or explosive it may be,” Gideon reassures. “We’ve located where they are being held and it should be a quick smash and grab. Go in, free them, get out.”

“I’ll give you another shot, Gideon. We just got blown away; for Jyn, almost literally. And now we are rushing to the Empire’s front door. Not my idea of tactical and I’m running low on extra lives…” Verena exchanges as she walks out of the room to her bunk.

Jyn chimes in, “Tell more about these twins and the plan. I want to make sure we don’t have a deja vu on our hands.”

They get aboard their shuttle to get on with their mission. Space travel is quick and rather uneventful. They know to be cautious since things are progressing with ease. They know better.

The group makes their way inside the prison easily, perhaps too easily. Taking a few steps inside, it seems there was a group of Stormtroopers waiting for them. They are surrounded!

Oh no, we’re surrounded!

Verena quickly reacts, blasting away the closest Stormtrooper, grabbing his gun before it hits the ground to take out another on the other side of the room. Gaarkhan does his wookie duties to dispatch the guard hiding in the corner.

“Guess they were expecting us. Which way to the cells?” spouts Jyn.

Gideon informs of the location down the right hallway in a dead-end corner. She should be able to open it on her own but might take a little effort. She rushes into the intersection and down the hall as a probe droid floats past her. It is vital that the twins get released so she leaves that to the rest of the team.

Dodging past the probe droid, Gideon makes his way to the intersection to get his barrings. Jyn is jumping past Stormtroopers to get to the cell with the twins. On the opposite, other hallway echoes out a command from an Imperial Officer.

“STOP THEM!” the office shouts.

The Stromtroopers file in and one of them trains a blaster on Gideon as the others pass him to engage the rest of the rebels. Jyn was sneakier than she thought and begins to work on the door. “I sure hope these reckless two are worth what we are putting on the line here,” says Jyn as the door slides open.

“Hello boys, care to blow something up for us?”

“Hello boys, care to blow something up for us?” Jyn suggests playfully.

“Calzen Kimdo and Zenzur Vu reporting, always ready for destruction!” Calzen snaps to attention and then reaches for his gear just outside of the cell. They make their way down the hall as they see Stormtroopers falling from blaster file and pieces of probe droid strewn across the planks. “This is sad, we missed all the excitement,” Calzen adds.

In an doorway inset, they see the wookie and woman in a trenchcoat working on the door. Though they are not sure why they are trying to further break into the prison, Calzen and Zenzur are more than willing to lend their expertise to door opening.

“You two stay back,” Gideon barks. “You are a vital part of this mission and we are almost through.”

The twins look at each with frustration and stubbornly proceed to the door to lend a hand just as it slides open revealing a terminal and two menacing sights.

This does not look for us.

Two, tall figures cloaked all in red with a black slit across their faces approaching our heroes. One of them quickly dashes towards Verena and produces a force pike quickly enough that it catches her off guard. With a violent swing, she is knocked on the ground. The other one pushes towards Gaarkhan and does the same. Though the wookie doesn’t go down as quick, his roars are enough to tell you these Royal Guards are no joke.

Jyn confused by why they would open the door shouts, “why aren’t we leaving the same way we came in?”

Gideon retorts, “new orders while you were picking up our new friends with explosive personalities. The terminal in his room needs to be shut down. Now get them out of here, we’ll get a handle on this.”

Gideon slips past the guards and offers a few shots from his holdout blaster to distract the foe attacking Gaarkhan. That is just enough for the wounded wookie to make his way to the terminal in the center of the room. With a couple slaps of his vibro-axe, the terminal lights go dark as well with most of the building.

A few strikes and the lights go out.

In the confusion, Verena, Gideon, and Gaarkhan slip past the Royal Guard and out the door of the prisoner. It is a clean break to their shuttle and a quick trip off the planet and back to an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate.

“You couldn’t let us blow up even a small little console? What was the point of even busting us out then?” complains Zenzur. He doesn’t stop there but is shortly cut off when Gideon informs him, “we have something bigger for you to sabotage.”

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