Layers & Shade: A Painting Miniatures Podcast!

If you haven’t noticed, Adam does a little painting of miniatures here and there. His friend Gerardo does the same, though probably a lot more. So here comes probably one of the first podcasts on the topic of painting miniatures! Join them on a journey (maybe once a month?) through colors & plastic.

This is episode one of NTBoardGames podcast about painting miniatures! Join Adam & Gerardo as they talk about the different processes of painting miniatures, deciding what to paint, how to paint, and a load of other topics related to painting miniatures and making them look fancy. In here we talk about how we got into this hobby, and some of our likes and dislikes. Have any topic suggestions or questions? Reach us via @NTBoardGames!

Welcome to your new hobby!

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Hit the jump to listen to the embed

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