This is why I don’t buy inserts.

Fantasy Flight Games has reminded me why I don’t buy inserts for my board games. Making custom ones with foamcore is a different story but that takes so much time to do. But here comes Zenbins with a really neat, easy to use insert to present everything perfectly and fights nicely and now it is ruined!

Now it is all for loss, hit the jump to see why.

Zenbins for Star Wars RebellionĀ is great. Fits all your pieces with easy to use divots to pop cards and other pieces out of the plastic insert. It is really nicely made and thought out. Just check it out!


Star Wars Rebellion feels like such a complete game. Everyone said there will be an expansion (or sequel?) but it didn’t feel right with prequels or new trilogy. They would have to make a completely new thing. New board, completely new units, and cards (they wouldn’t reuse Stormtroopers when they could charge you for Clone Troopers or First Order Stormtroopers) would be made in a whole new box. Plus prequels and new trilogy isn’t about rebelling. It is about being tricked into war and resisting respectfully.

But Rogue One, A Star Wars Story comes out to theaters and pushing for a board game version actually makes sense. This is part of that arch and seems like it will add more without causing a big fuss.

I needs šŸ˜¦

Rise of the Empire adds a lot more content to the game. Not with boards but in the other components…

  • 8 new leaders
  • 36 plastic miniatures
  • 5 target markers
  • 2 attachment rings
  • 3 new dice
  • 100+ new cards

This adds a conundrum to Zenbin owners. The 100 cards might be able to fit no problem. You could probably shove 3 dice in the tray with other dice. The 2 attachment rings will be an easy fit along with the 5 target markers. 36 miniatures…umm…I might be able to shove…some of those don’t look small…8 leaders will have to go where…great.

Honestly it might that be that big of an issue. There is a little bit of room on the sides (as you can see in the picture) where you can hopefully put all the content in plastic baggies and slide them there. That will have to be the solution but gosh darn-it, you buy a insert so you don’t have to have stuff in bags, so it is super nice & pretty, and easily sets with little to no fuss.

Minor nitpick to my favorite game of 2016, but more is better, right? And it lets me potentially field Chirrut so that is great in my book. But why does he provide space combat cards? Are you kidding me, he’s blind!

Check out all the details on FFG’s news update here.

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