So I Got Another RPG…

It is coming in the mail.

This is another lesser known RPG but won’t be played for awhile since I have to learn it. It is a space game and it looks like it will allow super, crazy things so I can keep the upcoming Edge of the Empire storyline more grounded in the Star Wars universe.

Hit the jump for more information and a poll!

It still uses dice but optional & additional card uses as well if you prefer, probably not as much as our Through the Breach campaign though. From my understanding, Earth is long gone so it has 100% made up planets to explore. How exciting of a possibility will that be?! Hopefully it won’t be too long before exploring this new game and I’ll give updates when it seems closer to gearing up.

How do you feel about the current offerings of RPGs going on? Do you have a favorite? Here is a new poll for feedback on types of adventures you may like.

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