Mysterium Expansion

The upcoming Mysterium expansion, Secrets & Lies, is due out later this year.  After the announcement of the upcoming expansion, fans of the game began speculating as to whether the rules and gameplay mechanics would be modified this time around, or whether it would just include more cards, as was the case with the first expansion, Hidden Signs.  Recently, at FIJ 2017 in Cannes, Libellud showed off the new version, and here’s what we know.

As one would expect, there will be additional suspect, location, object, and vision cards included, but in addition, this expansion will introduce “story” cards, which depict scenes that explain the circumstances surrounding the murder.  Oddly, these cards are not meant to be added to the existing elements, but rather are intended to (optionally) replace the object (weapon) cards.  Upon discovering this, some fans expressed disappointment, hoping that something more substantial would have been added to the game, such as a “hidden role” mechanic, a la Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.  Simply adding a new element for the psychics to guess and having it replace one of the previous elements seems kind of…blah.  But on the other hand, the only thing that tends to hamper Mysterium’s replay-ability is the tendency of players to get very accustomed to the cards, which means that adding new cards does a great deal to refresh the game.  Do we really need new mechanics introduced into a game that was already well-designed?  I welcome the addition of the story cards, although it might be better to add them as a fourth element, rather than replace the object cards. I expect there will be player-created variants that do just that.

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