Painted Mini’s: Fenn Signis, Hardened Veteran

Here’s an versatile army soldier from the base game of Imperial Assault. They are lot of ways to use this guy so I figured it would be a good idea to have him ready to go with the next campaign. Who can’t use a good soldier?

Arm up, soldier!


For better quality, click it and spin it yourself.

A native of Alderaan, Fenn Signis joined the Rebel Alliance at seventeen years old and served two full tours of duty as an exemplary soldier. He was garrisoned at the Rebel base on Arda I when he heard of Alderaan’s destruction by the Death Star. Swearing to avenge his homeworld, Fenn Signis joined a Rebel SpecForces squad, and now, he aims to put his deadly skills to work against the Galactic Empire.

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