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Dice Don’t Like You Either

The dice you so eagerly and triumphantly scold for giving you the “1” don’t like you. You blow on them, kiss them, curse them, and speak all manner of words (good and bad) at their existence. And the simple fact remains…

Dice Don’t Like You Either.

Now you may say, “but I kiss/blow on them for good luck, how is that bad or being mean?” Have you ever thought about whether they wanted that? You shove them in a dark bag to be scrunched with a bunch of other dice that they may not even know or belong with and only get out when needed. And when they do get out, they are thrust against the others, thrown around, and expected to always be on their best behavior.

Heaven forbid they step out of line, they are then promptly cast aside for others in hopes of better results. How is that for care when they are rejected on first fault? There is no reason for them to like you.

And guess what? They are secretly plotting against you; not in a fascist take over the world sort of way though, but in a “you aren’t going to make it out of the dungeon alive” way. They do have full control over their sides. They can hear you and know which sides you need or would suffer with. The reason for your good rolls are them toying with you. A simple task of lulling you into a false sense of security. Then when you least expect it, you get hit with the number that ruins your game.

One flaw that you can use to counteract their devious plan is rolling them in groups. While they can control their sides, they can’t control the other dice knocking into them and causing problems. So you can give yourself a better chance with more dice but they are only going to get madder with you forcing them into a fight with other dice.

There is really no good solution to the dice dilemma and you will be much better off the sooner you accept the simple fact that dice don’t like you either.

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