NTRules: Zombicide Capture the Flag (EPIC)

This is the first edition of NonTraditional Rules! To do things a little bit differently or make things even more epic, expect to see some new/additional rules to games to enhance them. I am working on a few at the moment; this first one is pretty easy to pull off. It will be tested at MAGFest this upcoming weekend. Feel free to join if you are at MAGFest, it will take place at 3PM on Friday in the TableTop Area (more details when I get them).

If you can’t make it, try out the rules yourself or come back after the weekend to see any rule changes.

For now, it is time to play an epic game of ZOMBICIDE!

ntruleszWelcome to Zombicide Capture the Flag! If you know how to play Zombicide, you know how to play ZCTF. There are a few changes but they are more like additional rules on how to set up and win. The bigger table, more tiles, survivors, and zombies you have, the better the experience will be.

To start off, you need to make the map.

-Make two identical bases on opposites of the table

-Use leftover street/building tiles to make up the middle of the board

-Use the Rue Morgue Circle Square for the center of the map

-Place an Abomination and a “flag” in the middle of the Circle Square

-Place four spawn points near the middle

Pick teams with random but even number of survivors on both sides. Each team starts with 10 lives or set a number of lives. The lives are the survivors (no zombivors or duplicate survivors) themselves. You can get more lives by giving up a food & water from one survivor to randomly add a survivor not on the board to your base. The more survivors you get, the more players that can play.

The object of the game is to get the flag back to your home base without running out of lives. The first team to get the flag into their base, instantly wins. If either team runs out of lives (no survivors at the base or in play on their team), they instantly lose.

Turn order alternates between teams. First team A has one player go, then team B, and so on. Once every survivor has gone, it is the zombies’ turn. Then it is back to the survivors. Players can go out of order, as long as they remember if they have activated or not.

Additional play rules:

-When players are more than two tiles apart, play will continue simultaneously

-Guns/weapons do 1 damage on survivors regardless of what their card says

-Use any of the spawn cards you would like to use as well as type of zombies

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