The NTBG Awards of 2016

It is a new year, the year of 2017! Year of promises of cool miniatures, fun cards, dice a plenty, a board to play on, and a box to put it all in. But before we jump into what I was describing as a board game, we must do what everyone else does at this time.


To get this out of the way, I have not played every board game that came out in 2016, not even close. I don’t try to play every board game, just want I want. So if your favorite game isn’t listed, I either didn’t like it or didn’t play it. Be sure to let me know what I missed out on in the comments or on Twitter!

Also, this year’s NTBG Awards will be games played in 2016 and not just games released in 2016.

Best Miniature

Which one do I eat first?! #boardgames #StarWars #ImperialAssault #JabbasRealm @fantasyflightgames #Rancor

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-Rancor (Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Jabba’s Realm)

The creature from beneath’s Jabba’s throne is available in the latest expansion and it is a beast. I almost made it the runner-up because of difficulty putting the arms on (spikes plus tight fit = hurt fingers, wear gloves!) but it is just too cool to say no to winning.

-Ultimate Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past)

Best Team/Co-Op Game


-Mythos Tales

Mix one part Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective & one part Cthulhu and you have Mythos Tales! Now having played both, there does seem to be differences. SHCD is the real deal and is quite deep & thought provoking. Mythos Tales as it stands now is a little more of a lighter affair. Between the first cases of both, this one stuck with me more.

If you want to see what I mean, you can check out our stream of the first case.

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past

Best Party Game


-Mafia de Cuba

It is so nice that everything fits in the box that you play the game with. Technically that means the game could be smaller package but that is part of the theme and fun. It is simple enough, plays a lot of people, and gets people interacting. What more could you ask for?

-Spyfall (with the right people)

Best Deckbuilder Game



The concept of going underground to take a dragon’s treasure isn’t new, but adding in the ability to make too much noise and having the dragon attack you is! Balancing using cards and making too much noise brings a new level of decision making when purchasing cards.

-Apex Theropod Deck-Building Game (2nd Edition)

Best Worker Placement



Dragons! Need I say more? Okay, I do. But dragons are a big part.

Besides having a dragon, this game allows multiple ways to end the game and a fun, new take on how workers are collected after they are placed. It adds another level of strategy that breeds new fun for me.

-Vikings on Board

Best Game Insert


-Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

This game did pretty well, but the reason it is on my list is the insert. Everything is perfectly sealed and they do give you enough tray space to put all the cards you have. Though towards the end I’ve had to do some things a bit differently (put player characters and objectives on top of the secret message pile and unused stuff in the empty compartments if they weren’t destroyed) but that was just me keeping it organized.

I guess it doesn’t hurt that they ask you to tear up and throw away pieces of the game.

-T.I.M.E Stories

Biggest Disappointment


-Last Friday

The only reason why this is not the runner-up is because I bought this game and the other I played at a convention. I am determined to get this off-balanced and potentially broken game another shot but I forsee getting rid of this game very soon which is a shame. The maniac has no chance if the first round doesn’t go perfectly.

Otherwise, Ninja All-Stars is bad news.

-Ninja All-Stars

Best Game of 2016


Star Wars: Rebellion

This wasn’t just because I love Star Wars. This game gave me the best feeling after playing than all other games.The decisions felt great and the excitement of winning or coming down to the wire to lose was quite thrilling. That is why it is my best of 2016.


Thanks for stopping by. Is there another category you think I should feature in the future? Let me know!

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