Through the Breach Act I Finishing, What’s Next?

If you have been following along with our Through the Breach, an RPG Adventure on our SoundCloud, you will know our cast has come a long way. Last Friday started Episode 8 which is the last episode of the first act, before things get crazy.

What is this first act?

Glad you asked! Think of it as the introduction to the group/story/RPG. Everyone has their own intro story, going forward there will be more in-depth, intertwined storylines & missions. Things might get a little more out there as well.

That being sad, while the story will continue, it is up in the air on whether it will be recorded and put on Soundcloud. This is where you come in. If you love our story and what we are created in this world of Malifaux, let us know! We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts.

In addition/alternatively, there is another RPG that is looming and I hope to kick it off in the beginning of January.

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