John Carter of Mars coming to a TableTop Near You!

You may have thought the world of John Carter was dead after Disney left it to die with bad marketing, but it is coming back with a passion. With the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate retaining rights, they have teamed up with Modiphius to create a couple of products that should attractive a plethora of gamers. They even have a new logo as featured above.

Hit the jump to see what they have in store for 2017!

There are three products they have coming out and it has me excited.

John Carter —The Roleplaying Game: Due for release: Spring 2017

Explore the wonders of Barsoom from the vast deserts to the ancient cities. Discover the forgotten secrets of a world that was old when life first spawned in the oceans of Earth. Play as pilots, warriors, scientists, or one of the terrifying green Tharks.  Create you own Barsoom adventures or take on the great journeys as John Carter himself along side Dejah Thoris, Kantos Kan, Xodar, Tars Tarkas, Thuvia of Ptarth, Carthoris of Helium or any of the other major heroes and heroines of Barsoom.

The John Carter roleplaying game uses 2d20 LITE—a streamlined version of the 2d20 system featured in the Mutant Chronicles, INFINITY and Conanroleplaying games. Designed for fast flowing action accentuating the exuberant adventures of the original books, 2d20 LITE let’s you dive into the game immediately with a sleek, pulse-pounding system. Major industry artists will help bring Barsoom to life.


John Carter: Swords of Mars—Miniatures: Due for release: Spring 2017

A line of collectible miniatures for use with the roleplaying game brings your adventures to the battlefield. Play small skirmishes or fight a war for the dying planet—scalable rules provide for both. Defend ruins against a horde of Tharks, raid the city of Helium to capture the Princess or take your battle airborne with the Red Martian navies.


John Carter: Warlord of Mars—The Board Game: Due for release: Summer 2017

Enact the greatest adventures across the ancient world of Barsoom as you lead your heroes through crumbling ruins and take to the skies in the beautiful ships of the Helium Navy. Can you save Barsoom from ruin at the hands of dastardly scientists or ancient forces?


I am most anxious for the board game since that is my preferred mode to game (haven’t gotten the RPG fever yet). Though depending on the game, the miniatures might be a handy resource to use on the board. To get your appetite going, they have provided an extensive look at four models coming next year.

Dotar Sojat (John Carter) – Jumping pose (other poses available)


Tars Tarkas


Dejah Thoris


Great White Ape


All these miniatures are made in 32mm (Tars Tarkas will be 40mm) and made in resin. They stated there will be floor tiles of ships, ruins, and palaces to use in games too. Does this mean the miniature game will use tiles like Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Skirmish or more of a type of playmat not required? We will have to wait to see and I am not sure if I can!

Looks like they are going for the classic JC look which I am fine with though I might prefer a longer hair version. I am just glad this is a brand that is just beginning.

You can sign up for their newsletter, playtest list, and find more information at their John Carter site.

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