Pandemic really a solo game?

One of the biggest games out there, Pandemic is a game that I would comfortably says resides with Catan. But recently I got to thinking about how the game works and what it happening. I think the fact that there is only one path of successful moves towards the end of the game kind of points out flaws.

Perhaps the reason why Pandemic can be the pinnacle of Alpha Gamers is because it is really a single player game that is dividing up some of the actions amongst multiple people?

Think about the last time you won or nearly won a game of Pandemic, how often were there really a variety of options for your turn? Or was it more of the group/others saying, “you have to do XYZ on your turn so we don’t lose?” I find myself biting my tongue from time to time to let the players have “their own turn” but they could bring certain doom!

I’ll leave the puzzle aspect for another time but Pandemic might not be the great, group game gamers might think it is.

This has been “Dork Rambles,” a quick blurb about random board game thoughts I have that hopefully gets you thinking as well as I.

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