Painted Mini’s: Mucker Captain

This next painted mini isn’t one I painted. To change up things and not just have another Star Wars miniature posted, here is a mini my gf painted to use as a quick visual aid of a boss in her D&D campaign. This actually comes from the game Myth.

Fear the Mucker!

muckerFor better quality, click it and spin it yourself.

The long a Grubber survives, the more powerful it becomes, until eventually it is categorized as a Mucker. These powerful enemies can knock heroes down with a single blow from one of their massive weapons. The mere presence of a Mucker gives confidence to other Grubbers, making them more likely to appear on the battlefield.

How do you like the gif and spinning it yourself option? won’t allow me to embed the other version.

PS: The white on his back is from him falling on some dried primer and haven’t gotten around to touching it back up.

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