Now Rolling: Titan Race

Time to get ready, racers. It is going to be a wild and crazy ride with these monsters on the road. Who will be the winner?

We are all winners in Titan Race!

trsTitan Race is like Mario Kart turned into a board game except you are crazy riders on giant beasts instead of go-karts. Pick a racer and try to be the first to complete three laps while picking up power-ups & avoiding pitfalls of the track. But don’t forget to use your character’s own special ability.

To keep things simple (and silly), the first player rolls a unique die per player (3 players = 3 dice), takes one, and performs that action. The next players do the same until there is only one die left. Instead of the player taking that die and having no options, they take all of the dice and rolls them for a plethora of options. Each player always has a choice on what they do each turn (unless they are all on the same side).

There isn’t that much more to the game and I think that is good for what it is going for. Easy to teach and grasp. It makes way for the silliness to happen, just like in our favorite Nintendo racer.

trssA big seller for me are the components. They are of very high quality. I have heard people complain about the size since they are supposed to be titans, but it is easy to over look that with all the detail  put into each figure. Add in nice, custom dice and  an insert that perfectly holds all the pieces nicely and you have a really polished piece of production.

The obvious downside is the swingy nature of the game. I have seen people come from last place and almost win it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While it can turn off people who want to plan out all of their strategies, the unpredictability makes for great moments. This isn’t a game to be taken seriously with its high level of “take that” feeling woven into it.

If you don’t have a Nintendo console and still want the Mario Kart experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a better substitute (they even have a team variant for those Double-Dash fans). Whether you try are trying to stay clear of other racers or rubbing shoulders with them, you can’t get too far away from dangers. With its great production, light-hearted nature, and small footprint, this is a game I am glad I own.

Publisher: FunForge
Genre: Dice Rolling/Take That/Racing
Player Count: 2-6
Duration: 30+ minutes

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