Through the Breach Episode #03 Part 1 & 2

The group has gathered again for another adventure on the Breachside. Calinore isn’t with the group for this job but a new recruit is with them. Join the crew and newcomer Evangeline with her pup Fido as they see if they can get paid again.

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Part 1

We meet up with the crew for another adventure at Breachside Legacy. They have a new job and a new member, Evangeline, filling in for Calinore, with her special friend Fido. What have our fated characters have in store for them this time? Will they ever not have to go into the sewers? Silas’ destiny is being called upon.


Part 2

The group breaks for camp in the dark and spooky forest. But it appears they are not alone. What is lurking in the shadows? Was that tree there before? What is really going on in this forest that Silas isn’t telling the rest?

Music and Sound by Syrinscape.
The app that putting sound into the hands of the gamers.

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