Has Cards Against Humanity run its course?

These days it is hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the card game Cards Against Humanity, whether it is from playing the game or the moral objections based on the cards within its box. It hit at the “right” time and now it is almost everywhere. It all started on Kickstarter and now another company has a replacement product for those tired of their friends suggesting to play CAH.


Immediately you can see, this isn’t supposedly to be taken seriously as a game but more of a stance against it (as well as other commentary on Kickstarter and Board Game Reviews). They even go as far to say it is “… a farce of a farce of a farce and shouldn’t be played.”

For an $8 pledge on the Kickstarter, you can receive this “game” consisting of one black card and 17 white cards. Kind of ironic that the name is what you get the least of? There are other pledges and stretch goals but you get the idea and where they are aiming.

I myself have grown tired of the CAH fad but I still keep it around for other uses which I will go over in another post about alternatives for this game.

The real question is, do you still play it?

*all images are from the Kickstarter Campaign

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