Origins: Blood Rage Tournament Results



Amongst the greatness that is wandering the Main Hall and Expo Hall of Origins Game Fair 2016, there are tournaments. When you aren’t busy demoing games, buying games, or checking out accessories, you can jump into one of their many tournaments if you have the tokens!

CJ and I decided to partake in a Blood Rage Tournament since he mildly likes it. And what happened?

The Tournament was set up for a maximum of twelve participants. When time had come, there were nine of us so logically there was three games set up for three players each. It was simply run by letting every player play three games (switching opponents between games), and the player with the most glory (points) would claim victory.

CJ and I were separated the first round and both did poorly resulting in us being in the last place “bracket.” We both accumulated around 75 glory (points). One of the participants decided he was done playing after the first round and quit. He had won and I was warned that his game was quite awful so it made sense. This caused a little chaos but determined to press on, we downgraded to the proper way of playing with two games of four players.

The second round, we were matched up against each other and we shined despite CJ performing an early sapping of rage from me. I was pretty much helpless in the first Age. But the gods were with me (and him) and came out on top with well over 100 glory (points) each. This was enough to put us back on the board.

At the final round, four more people decided they could not win or would rather do something else. This left CJ, Maurice, Adhil, and myself in the final battle in the tournament.

from left to right: Adhil, Adam, CJ, Maurice

The last round of Cool Mini or Not’s Blood Rage tournament felt good. Everyone seemed evenly balanced and it was a very close game until the end. Adhil and Maurice had pulled ahead in the end but not by more than 50 glory (points). We all congratulated each other on a good game and waited for Sean, our official, to return to add up the points.

As I said earlier, the tournament was based on accumulative of points. Sean said this was the easiest to really see how people were doing if evenly matched against other players. And it proved true when Maurice was named the winner of it all. That’s not to say NTBoardGames performed poorly, I did come in 2nd place of this great tournament at my first Origins.

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