Welcome to The League!

The first Session of the League for NonTraditional Board Games has begun! The League is a little something extra for MeetUp meeples to freely participate in at the Library events. It is 100% free like all of the gatherings but you can only sign up between Sessions.

Be sure to check out the League page for updates on each week of the Session. Hit the jump for more details.

The League is a fun and simple addition to the MeetUps going on in the group.

Four teams comprised of board gamers from the MeetUp group come out to events at the Library and play games. They are pitted against another team but don’t have to play against them. There are incentives in doing so but it is not required.

When a player wins a game, they report it to an event host so they can record the victory. If you forget to register the point, it will not be retroactively added. At the end of the event, whichever team has the most wins the week.

Each team plays against each other once and then there is one final face-off, the championships. First and second place teams play against each other while third and fourth plays against each other. The winner receives a silly trophy to hold onto and defend during the next session.

Anyone can join a team but if you fail to attend at least one of the events, you will be released as a free agent from your team. You are free to join another team if it is post/pre Session.

For more information, current rankings, team information, sign-ups, etc; check out the League  page.

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