Weekly Spotlight: Red November

Just when you thought being a gnome in a creaky submarine was bad, everything that could go wrong is about to happen! On the bright side, help is on its way. Will they arrive in time to save the crew or will the forces of nature and decrepit sub spell doom for everyone?

Go under (the post) for a look at Red November.


Genre/Type: Co-operative/Time Management/Dice-Roller
Duration: 60-120mins
Player count: 1-8

Welcome to Red November! This game is all about managing how much time you are using to fix the numerous problems that begin to arise all over the ship. It takes time to move, it takes time to put out a fire, it takes time to stop the nuclear missile from going off inside the sub, and you never seem to have enough time to do everything.


How much time you have depends on the number of players in your game. The more players you have, the less time you have (from 60 mins to 45 mins). This isn’t a real-time so you can breath a sigh of relief if that made your heart stop. There is a neat little mechanic to keep track of how much time you planning to spend and how much time you do spend. It is essentially just a little marker but it makes keeping track of time very easy and effective.

Red November is one of those hard games that all the players band together to keep everyone alive. There is a small window for someone to be selfish and try to escape on their own; but with the game’s silly nature (drink grog to temporarily help you do stuff but you could potentially pass out) and everything constantly falling apart, it is hard to blame them.

The only version of Red November available now is the “Revised Edition.” The biggest difference between editions is the bigger board space. The board is more than double the size but the same amount of fun. Red November is available now, online and hopefully at your FLGS.

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