Weekly Spotlight: Above and Below

This week’s game is from the studio of Red Raven Games. What’s even more stand out is that the guy who designs all of the games from this company also creates the artwork for it. Solid games and gorgeous art, what more can you ask for? Let’s take a look at Above and Below.



Genre/Type: City Building/Storytelling/Worker placement
Duration: 90+mins
Player count: 2-4

This semi-worker placement game has you trying to build up your own village after you’ve had to flee your previous village due to some barbarians. Now that you found a safe new land you can hire a variety of new villagers, use workers to build buildings, harvest goods, work for money, or send them on an adventure in the caverns below; that is when the storytelling begins.

pic2435627When you send your workers down below, the player to your left will read you a paragraph about your journey underground. You will be presented with two or more options on how to proceed with the story. It could lead to another story, failure, or a variety of rewards. If successful, you receive the rewards and the empty cave (card) you just cleared out allowing you access to build different/unique buildings underground.

Goods you find above or below the ground can be sold to other players or used to increase income and village points. After six rounds, the player with the most village points is the winner.

With over 200 different story excerpts, a variety of goods to acquire & ways to get village points, and over 50 different buildings, there is a lot to keep you coming back to experience a new narrative for many game sessions.

Above and Below is available now at local and online retailers.

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